What is a collective incineration?

We refer to collective incineration when the animals are incinerated together in the same oven.

What is an individual incineration?

We refer to individual incineration when an animal is incinerated only in the crematorium with the collection and delivery of the ashes inside an urn.

Can I be calm knowing that the ashes will be from my pet?

At all times the animal is identified. During the process, we establish different control points to ensure that this is the case. That is why at the time of delivery of the ashes, we give a certificate according to which the ashes belong to your pet.

What is done with the ashes of animals that have been incinerated collectively?

The ashes of animals incinerated collectively must be deposited in an authorized center for the management of these remains as required by the Agència de Residus de Catalunya.

The ashes smell?

The ashes do not smell in any way. They can be stored perfectly inside the house.

How long does it take for an animal to be incinerated?

The process of incinerating an animal varies according to its size and weight. Normally the process usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours.

What kind of urns can I choose?

Our company offers 3 types of urns to choose from without increasing the price.

In addition, we have a catalog of different urns, metal, ceramic, wood, biodegradable, reliquaries and silver jewelry with an added cost.

Can I attend the individual incineration of my pet?

Without any problem. You can attend individual incineration and say goodbye to your pet. We have a waiting room for these cases. It is essential to call previously to confirm the day and time.

When is it time to deliver the ashes of an animal incinerated individually if you do not attend the cremation?

Once the animal arrives at our facilities, we commit ourselves to deliver the ashes in a maximum of one week.

Can I attend the cremation of my animal if I do not have a private means of transport?

Yes, in this case we pick up people who want to attend the cremation of their animal at the RENFE de Sils station or at the Santa Coloma de Farners bus station.

Can I delay the date of my animal's cremation for a few days?

We always adapt to the needs of the owners. Therefore there is no problem in postponing the date of cremation as long as we are notified 24 hours in advance.