Collection Service

Pick up of pets at the clinic and pick up at home in case of death at the owner's home.

Incineration Service

The customer can choose between these different types of incinerations:

  • Collective Incineration: the incineration is done jointly with other pets and the owner does not recover the ashes. If the owner wishes we will send you an incineration letter.
  • Individual Incineration: the incineration is done individually, and the ashes are placed in a standard urn or urn chosen by the owner of our urns catalog. The veterinarian will deliver the urn with the ashes to the owner together with the cremation certificate
  • Individual Incineration On-site: the owners, without increasing the cost, can attend the individual incineration process of their animal so that they can be fired and, subsequently, receive the ashes at the end of the incineration. Tanatorio de Mascotas de Barcelona con unas instalaciones específicas a tal efecto.">We have a  Barcelona Pet Showroom with specific facilities for this purpose in our facilities in Barcelona.


Other services

- Tailor-made ceremonies.

- Wide catalog of urns: The owner can choose between different models of Standard urns without increasing cost. A part, we have a wide catalog of urns with "De Luxe" models, biodegradable, reliquaries, jewelry, pendants, etc.

- Personalization of the room with photos and videos of the pet..

- Personalized memories.

- Digital memory.