After the loss of a beloved animal, many times a process of mourning begins, of emotional adjustments, where diverse feelings compete with each other.

The impact caused by the death of an animal in some cases can be as intense as we can feel for a loved one.

The sadness, the need to cry, feelings of guilt emerge at this stage after the separation.

The duel usually has several stages, which can be explained separately, although many times they appear overlapping and disorderly but in the end, they must have all experienced to complete the process of assimilation of the loss.




It is usually the first stage of the duel. We refuse to accept the loss. We do not want to believe what has happened or to assume that it will never come back.


We are angry with ourselves or with others. It usually happens when we assume that it has happened, that it has died and will never come back..


It is the stage where we started to make some kind of agreement or agreement. The situation is analyzed, what would have happened in other circumstances, if we could have done this or that.


In this stage, anguish, fear, grief, gain ground, feelings of guilt emerge. We are aware that the loss is irrevocable and that we have to continue living without the presence of your company


Finally comes the stage where we feel prepared to accept the death of our pet. We are aware of the situation but little by little we get back to normal. It does not mean to stop thinking about them, but it allows us to go on accepting the fact that they will not be next to us.



Unfortunately, many times the loss of a pet is not recognized as important by our environment, friends or colleagues.

It is very important to have the opportunity to be sad and be able to manifest it to trusted family and friends. We do not have to be ashamed to feel pain and to cry for a being that has been with us so long.

Normally in situations of traumatic or sudden losses, a feeling of guilt usually surfaces, since we do not understand how it could have happened. Having been responsible for their well-being, it is normal that this feeling removes us from within, but it does not lead anywhere to look for culprits.

We have to make an effort to try to remember the good and pleasant moments. Over time these thoughts will gain ground and remain forever giving way to the calm that produces the quiet memory of our beloved animal.


Things we can do ...

Write a letter dedicated to your animal. In this labyrinth of emotions, it helps to organize ideas and express feelings. It also allows us to thank you for the time you have dedicated to us and all that you have given us.

Keep the daily routines for a while. Although it is no longer there, it is advisable to keep at least a time, the daily habits we had with him. Stroll, talk with the other owners of park partners. Little by little they can be replaced by other pleasant activities. It is important to continue with the feeling of being able to remember our animal whenever we have the need, with a smile on the lips.

The company of another animal will never replace the one that is no longer there. Before adopting a new animal, we have to make sure that we have accepted the death of the previous one and then we will be ready to give him all the love we can offer him.

Finally, we have to bear in mind that grief is an individual experience and each one has their own formulas to accept it. Sometimes there is no technique that works and you just have to wait for the time to pass, not to forget if not to make the memories become a pleasant thing and the pain dissipate. There is no set time but surely that will happen over time.