We have friends who can have four legs, tail, scales, shell or feathers but they all have something in common: they leave an indelible mark on our hearts and memories.


At INECO we direct all our efforts in offering the best pet animal incineration service. We make the goodbye a good memory for a lifetime.


After 16 years doing this task, we still want to improve and innovate to give the best service to the veterinary clinics and pet owners who come to our center.


During 2015 we have expanded the number of ovens to improve and streamline the individual incineration service, we have changed the fuel to Natural Gas betting on the environment and we have innovated our catalog of urns with ecological urns and more current.

In Barcelona we have created a unique space to say goodbye to your pet: EL TANATORI DE MASCOTES DE BARCELONA. On the other hand, we have completely renovated the Riudarenes facilities creating the GIRONA PET TANATORY.


Our goal is to be a modern company, respectful with the environment and maintain the same vocation of service as the first day.