Our services

Collection and incineration of pet animals

pick-up service

  • Collective incineration
  • Individual incineration
  • Possibility of choosing between standard or other design or ecological ballot boxes
  • Possibility of assistance from owners to incinerationó
  • Pick-up at the clinic and at home
  • Collection of sanitary waste of groups III and IV and RX liquids

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A professional and serious service

We understand the importance of our task and treat with the maximum sensitivity and with regard to the pet and the pain of his owners.


A team with vocation

Vocation of service and of the well done work. 16 years offering the best to our customers.


We work with total respect for the pet and the environment

We love our work, animals and the environment. And we are consistent with our ideals.

Witnesses of our customers

Committed to ecological quality and respect for the environment

Ecological Incinerations S.L. We are a company dedicated to the collection and incineration of pet animals. We manage the collection of sanitary waste of groups III and IV, and fluids of RX in the veterinary clinics. We have the Code of Waste Manager E-1102.09 and Code of Carrier T-2864 and the official number of the incinerator plant CAT-01002.